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I have felt challenged, supported and empowered…
Paula is a process person…
Paula Eder is a very perceptive, dynamic, and creative coach…
Through Paula I have learned to approach my life with balance…
With Paula I learn to welcome each new twist and turn…
I have become a better executive and a more grounded person…
Paula’s gentle teaching has taught me to live in the moment…
Paula elevates time management to an art and a life practice…
Working with Paula is core to my personal growth…
I went to Paula Eder to learn emotional intelligence…
Through coaching, Paula has taught me an immense amount …
An important role model and mentor …

Paula Eder is a unique and gifted coach …

"In the summer of 2004, after years of dealing with progressive functional losses and increasing levels of pain, I finally made the decision to have total knee replacements in both of my knees.

My work with Paula Eder, as a teacher and a coach, over the next several months, impacted my surgical experience and my healing process in positive and empowering ways. Her emphasis on personal responsibility helped me to realize that this was my experience and that these were my decisions to make each step of the way.

She encourages a very practical, one-step-at-a-time process that kept me focused on breaking down what could have been an overwhelming experience into small, manageable pieces. Her questions for me along the way were direct and insightful and encouraged me to clarify my own values. I have appreciated her integrity, authenticity, and honesty throughout the months of working together. I have felt challenged, supported and empowered.

I experienced many tangible benefits of our work in both
preparing for the surgery and during my healing process. By visualizing every aspect of my surgery and hospitalization beforehand, I was able to reduce my fears and bring in and really integrate as much positive energy as possible."

J. Dewdney

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"Paula is a process person. Process was the key. When I retired after 27 years of interacting with more than 100 people daily to become a consultant, I became acutely aware that I was “time challenged”. Paula helped me build a new way to deal with my now totally flexible time. She helped me create a new time sense.

I needed to work, but the goal was to be doing something I enjoyed and felt passionate about.

We first worked to address my concerns, fears, and losses. Learning to plan for something new, balanced with learning how to let go of the old, was difficult. Paula encouraged me and suggested strategies to keep me moving forward.

Paula has skills that run deep. She is intuitive, highly perceptive, and can quickly hone in to assess a situation and suggest strategies to address a problem or need. Her creativity and wealth of experience have helped me generate creative solutions to build my future consulting career. Her help has been invaluable to me."

Sandy K.

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"Paula Eder is a very perceptive, dynamic, and creative coach. These qualities are reflected in her ability to quickly assess the essence of any challenge I present to her; her talent in communicating to me the context and interpersonal dynamics involved in a given situation; and her talent in guiding me to resolve the challenge in a responsible and ethical manner. Paula’s approach fosters a strengthening of my capacity to be effective; thus, allowing me to be better equipped to address additional challenges as they emerge.

Paula’s commitment to personal and professional growth encourages my desire to develop my potential in new areas. For example, for the first time in my life I am developing a healthy relationship with time. My traditional relationship with time has been to see time as an oppressive force. Paula has taught me not to fight with time. She coaches me to see time as a resource that needs to respected and not depleted.

I am becoming more mindful of the relationship between taking care of myself and respecting time. I sense a growing voice in me telling me that I have done enough. When I hear this voice in me encouraging me to be more balanced, I am grateful to Paula for what she has taught me.

Beyond individual coaching, Paula creates a strong telephonic learning community through her artful and caring facilitation. She guides learning by promoting dialogue within firm and respectful boundaries. I am always amazed by how much I and other participants learn in a given session. The learning Paula promotes is authentic, meaningful, and respectful to our time needs. I love that we make connections with each other in an intimate setting without leaving our respective homes or offices."

Ellen H.

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"How to describe Paula … knowledgeable, insightful, creative, caring, focused … a great teacher. Paula has been my coach for many years. I have worked with her individually and in groups. Throughout all of our meetings, her insightful and interactive teaching style has shown me how to clarify and manage my life priorities. Through Paula I have learned to approach my life with balance and grace under pressure. She has provided me with many practical and useful tools to organize and prioritize my life. She constantly strives to work with the realities of life. With her I’ve learned to explore, set and manage my priorities at work and in my life. Her humor and caring along with her knowledge and creativity, have kept me focused and able to approach my life with balance and grace."

Suzanne W.

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"The skills that Paula teaches, with great insight, talent and acceptance, feel deeply grounded and deeply true to me. With Paula I learn to welcome each new twist and turn in this journey that is my life! There is no arriving, per se, but continual new discovery and new opening to the deep. This is a source of ongoing joy and empowerment and renewal, no matter what comes my way!"

Jordy C.

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"As the executive of a non-profit organization, I find Paula’s coaching invaluable in helping me address the multiple issues and stresses of my job and life. With her guidance, I’m learning to manage time, deal with stress, develop pragmatic strategies for coaching others and handle difficult situations on the job. Her coaching begins with me - how I perceive a given situation and why I react the way I do. This clears the way for creative, flexible solutions, both at home and at work. She encourages me to take the time to find solutions that are right for me and the situation; this builds my confidence in my skills and my ability to address the next situation, whatever it is. Because I work with Paula, I have become a better executive and a more grounded person. I am thankful for the depth and breadth of her skills as a teacher and coach!"

Jane D.

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"Paula has been my coach since 1977. She has brought unparalleled commitment and creativity to our work together. Paula has given me wonderful suggestions to help me prioritize my choices. She has taught me to relate to my life from the inside out, thus creating a solid base from which to move forward.

As an Adult Learner returning to school after many years, Paula has helped me to develop systems which keep me focused on my assignments. Her unwavering encouragement helps me to focus on time management skills, and that has made all the difference in my success at work and at home. I love having more time to do the kinds of things I have always wanted to do. Thanks to her support I am engaged in my life in meaningful ways.

Paula’s gentle teaching has taught me to live in the moment. With this skill I’ve become more effective in problem solving. I do not worry about the future but focus on what I have control of in the moment. It is a great way to live!"

Pat S.

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"Paula elevates time management to an art and a life practice.

I’ve learned that to live my life to its fullest, I must manage my time effectively. Paula combines pragmatism with extraordinary personal depth, guiding me to develop the ‘muscle’ to live powerfully.

‘Time resiliency’ requires a full spectrum of skills rarely found at one source. Paula Eder possesses the versatility and intuition to guide seasoned professionals and ‘organizationally challenged’ individuals alike to new levels of personal power. Every step forward I have taken in my career reflects her expert coaching.

Paula possesses an unerring eye to discern personal strengths and problem areas. With her guidance I have developed the heart to challenge myself and succeed in ways I’d never thought possible. Paula’s focus on truly living in the moment and building self-love and stamina to make powerful decisions has revolutionized my relationship with time.

Prioritizing energizes me and clarifies my life purpose. It’s challenging! But it’s essential. With Paula’s support, I develop the focus to make tough decisions. This inner work combined with solid time management tools generates my ‘time resiliency’. By strengthening my time management skills, I’m creating a stronger self.

Time management used to fill me with despair. Working with Paula, I embrace it as an adventure! The more effective I become, the more doors I open."

Alison S.

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"Working with Paula is core to my personal growth in that I am able to examine obstacles and create solutions to live mindfully. Paula has introduced me to a process that opens up undiscovered areas that I can return to and build on again and again. This has helped me to expand my capabilities and given me the confidence to try new approaches to living.

Paula has helped me to practice and value patience with myself. This has helped me to be more mindful about how I want to live my life and use my time."


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"I went to school in financial management, I learned discipline and teamwork through sports, and I went to Paula Eder to learn emotional intelligence – of the three, Paula’s lessons have been the most useful.

I notice that most of the things people say they appreciate most about me as the President of a large, non-profit organization are things I learned from working with Paula Eder as a coach."

Julie E.

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"Through coaching, Paula has taught me an immense amount about the importance and process of keeping current with myself. Paula’s knowledge of and experience with the process of self discovery is impressive. She is incredibly well read in all areas of human growth and development and applied this working knowledge in assisting me in setting goals for any area of my life that I wanted to enhance. Paula’s ability to listen and hear what people are really saying is truly exemplary.

Initially I didn’t think I had the time to devote to learning more about myself even though there were things I wanted to change. But, I ended up saving time and energy. I now respond to situations in less time with increased confidence. I used to think I worked better under pressure but found out that I am much more satisfied with the results when I spend the time to plan.

Making the transition from being employed by others to self employment has been challenging. Paula has helped me understand my need for a predictable structure and that taking time for my emotional, spiritual and physical needs is a high priority. I recommend Paula to anyone who wishes to increase his or her personal satisfaction by taking action on values based choices."

Lee B.

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"For the past many years I have worked with Paula Eder and consider her to be an important role model and mentor.

Paula’s teaching style is gentle and non-judgmental which has made it very easy to accept the tools which she provides. This has allowed me to clarify my values and manage my time in order to get the most out of each moment in my life.

Paula has coached and supported me unfailingly throughout many of life’s travails- job changes, relationship issues, relocation, death of a parent – and with her focus and instinct for facilitating the discovery of one’s personal truth and reality, she has helped me to develop my own wisdom and problem-solving skills. Skills which will serve me long after the lessons are over! My work with her has resulted in better communication and the confidence in my ability to manage whatever situations arise.

Under her tutelage I have learned invaluable lessons about living an enriched, empowered and more meaningful life."

Jill R.

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"Paula Eder is a unique and gifted coach. She is unlike anyone Iíve ever worked with, and her direct approach to life is incredibly empowering. She creates a space in which you can be yourself, possibly for the very first time in your life. She pulls back the curtains that keep you from seeing whatís going on in your mind and in your actions, and offers you the opportunity to take your life into your own hands.

Paula has a gift for cutting right through to the core of an issue, and helping you identify whatís directing the feelings and behaviors that arenít serving you. Her unique approach combines all sorts of creative and intellectual outlets that help you express and understand yourself. She opens your eyes to patterns you havenít noticed, and offers you a way in to understanding and even shifting them.

Paulaís tools are some of the most powerful Iíve ever experienced. She introduced me to the concept of the critical and nurturing voices in my head, and taught me how to work with them. This opened up a whole new world for me. By consistently employing Paulaís exercises, I relieved myself of nearly-debilitating criticism and found an inner peace I didnít know was possible.

Not only have I used these tools for myself, but Iíve adapted them for my clients. The results are astounding. Instead of addressing surface issues, we can now reach the heart of who we are and why we do what we do. We CHOOSE to own our lives and our actions. We CHOOSE to take responsibility for ourselves.

By helping me face the things I didnít particularly want to see or hear or know about, Paula held me accountable for my own life. What a gift! I might have resisted it, but Paula stood her groundóand left it up to me. She taught me that taking responsibility for my own life is the most empowering thing I can do. And by illuminating all the things that come up in my path, and teaching me how to walk THROUGH them, Paula gave me the tools to carve my own destiny.

I am eternally grateful for Paula. Her teachings have shifted the direction of my life completely. She gives of herself in a profound way, and has devoted her life to supporting others in claiming their lives for themselves. Her work is unique, and lasts a lifetime. She is strength, she is courage, she is honesty, and she opens people up to life-changing possibilities. Paula is a blessing, and the people who are lucky enough to find her are truly fortunate. "

Jennifer Z.

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